How to Get Tons of Traffic to Your Blog From Quora

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Have you heard of Quora?

Quora is a really cool platform where people from all over the world ask questions about everything from social skills to essential oils to dog training. In response, people submit answers—often quite interesting, informative answers. The best answers are like mini-blog posts with at least two or three paragraphs of text, as well as photos to illustrate the point (and to grab attention). Great answers can get thousands, sometimes tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, of views from other Quora users.

Here is what a question on Quora looks like. Note that the answer at the top starts with an eye-catching photo and a bold statement.

Users can “upvote” or “downvote” answers, although Quora’s secret algorithm ultimately decides the order in which answers show up on the page. However, even answers that appear further down the page can receive a ton of views… and Quora answer views can lead to visits to your blog!

Promoting Yourself on Quora

When you respond to a question on Quora, you have an amazing opportunity to showcase who you are and what you do. At the top of your answers, Quora shows your photo, your name (which links to your profile), and your credentials.

In the credentials section, you can write a short description of yourself and what you do. Regular users who are on the site for fun usually just describe themselves…

… but those who are on the site to promote themselves and what they do get a little more detailed:

Although the site link in the second credentials isn’t clickable, it’s very easy for someone to visit after viewing one of James’ answers.

What’s great about the credentials section is you can add new credentials whenever you want and then pick the credentials you want to use for a particular answer. This allows you to highlight your credentials that are most relevant to the question you’re answering.

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On your profile, which someone can access when they click on your name, you have a bunch of space to tell the Quora world who you are, what you do, and what you can offer.

Here is a profile from a personal finance blogger:

In the automatically visible part of her profile, she introduces herself, links to her blog, and also links to a popular blog post. The “(more)” link leads to additional popular blog posts and her social media profiles.

Check out those answer views… 57,100 views in just this month!

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Linking to Your Blog in Your Quora Answers

Your ability to reference your blog doesn’t end with your credentials and profile. You can also place direct links in your answers! However, you shouldn’t just randomly spam your answers with links. You want your links to be relevant, useful, and, most importantly, supplementary. You don’t want to answer a question like this:

“That’s a great question! For the answer, check out my latest blog post: Blog Post Link.”

You want to give a great answer and then lead people to your site, a blog post, or a lead capture page.

Lorna Ye, the personal finance blogger I referenced above, does an excellent job of this. In the example below, note how she gives an answer and then drops in two links to blog posts as well as an overall blog link.

I recommend that you don’t promote your blog in every answer. Sometimes you should just answer to get your name out there. (Remember, people can still see your credentials and visit your profile.) Quora is a community, and you should be a good community member, not a traveling salesperson who just drops in to self-promote.

Learn More About Quora

Are you excited about Quora yet?!

Although I’ve shown you a lot in this post, there is more to Quora that you should know. There is a book on Amazon called Quora Domination that I highly recommend, and you can pick it up for only $2.99 (Kindle edition) on Amazon:

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  • Kristin Reply

    This is interesting. I’ve seen Quora on tons of Google searches I’ve done, but have never thought of it as a way to grow traffic. Thanks!

    • Jessica Roop Reply

      You’re welcome, Kristin! I’m glad it was useful to you. I think Quora has some pretty amazing potential. They just launched a CPC ad platform, too. I plan to experiment with it a little soon!

  • Ike Paz Reply

    I used to do this with Yahoo answers back in the day.

    I know it works.

    seems like its back with Quora

    • Jessica Roop Reply

      Hey Ike,

      I used to use Yahoo Answers back in the day too! Quora is definitely similar, although I think the Quora audience has slightly higher expectations than the Yahoo Answers audience. (They want/expect high quality content.)

      • Ike Paz Reply

        yea, Yahoo answers could get spammy at times.

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