5 Must-Join Affiliate Marketing Networks to Help You Make Money

Want to make money with affiliate marketing? One of my best affiliate marketing tips is to join excellent affiliate marketing networks, and in this post I reveal my top five. Increase your income (side hustle or full time!) with these great networks, even if you’re an affiliate marketing beginner!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission on purchases made through these links. I assure you that I only recommend products and services that I absolutely love. Thanks for reading!

If you want to be successful with affiliate marketing, it’s important to join good affiliate marketing networks (“affiliate networks” for short).

If you don’t know exactly what an affiliate network is, let me explain.

Affiliate networks bring together advertisers and affiliates. From an affiliate’s perspective, when you apply for and join an affiliate network (which is free to do), you will then have access to all of the advertisers in the network. This is step 1.

For the majority of affiliate networks, there is a step 2. Being in an affiliate network typically doesn’t mean you automatically have the ability to promote all of the advertisers in the network. Advertisers want to be promoted by affiliates that are a good fit for their brand, so they ask that you apply to their specific affiliate program within the network (step 2). If they decide you’re a good fit, they’ll accept you. (And then it’s time to make some money—yeah!)

Although there are plenty of affiliate programs that aren’t part of a network (for example, I’m an affiliate for Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, an affiliate marketing course that has a standalone affiliate program), a lot of big-name companies join affiliate networks. These big-name companies like to hand off their affiliate program to a network that knows what they’re doing.

So, when you join an affiliate network, you kind of feel like a kid in a candy store. But instead of candy, you’re entranced by the big brands that you can promote if they accept you: Kohl’s! American Express! Target! Verizon! Barnes & Noble!

Those big brands really want little ol’ me to promote them… and they’ll pay me? Whoa! 🙂

Yes, they do and they will!

To help you get to that kid-in-a-candy-store place, I’ve put together a list of five must-join affiliate networks. Not all affiliate networks are created equal (some have poor customer service, some don’t have great offers, and so on), so it’s important to join the good ones. Luckily for you, I did the hard work so you don’t have to sift through a bunch of networks. (I’ve made almost $50,000 from affiliate marketing, so I know what to look for!)

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To your affiliate marketing success! 🙂

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